See Steph Curry Show Off His Hops With This Sweet Reverse Jam

Athleticism is not the first thing that comes to mind when considering Steph Curry. It’s not so much that Steph isn’t athletic, but rather his athleticism manifests itself in an unorthodox manner. Instead of high-flying, gravity-defying dunks, Steph’s brand of fast-twitch muscle movement allows him to skip and scamper through narrow spaces, bunny hop between defenders, twist, turn, curl and unfurl on his way to the rim. Rare is the signature jam from Curry, mainly because he’s too busy pulling up from 30 feet way and burying yet another three-pointer.

But that doesn’t mean Curry can’t get up when he wants to. Just take this slick self-alley-oop reverse jam he pulled off in Manila during his Under Armour world tour. This wasn’t a simple dunk, nor is it a dunk one could make if they can just barely graze the rim. This takes skill, ability and hops, all of which Curry possess, even if he’s not known for them. We probably won’t ever see him pull this off in a game — mainly because it’s illegal, but also because he’s got better things to do than try these types of dunks — but it’s important to know he’s more than capable of throwing it down in a variety of different ways.

(Levi Verora Jr.)