Steph Curry Needed ‘A Nap’ After Throwing Down A 360 Dunk In All-Star Warmups

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The NBA All-Star Game is basically a glorified pickup game that just happens to feature the best basketball players on the planet. Though it can get a little tedious due to the overall lack of competitiveness, it’s still an opportunity to showcase a level of skill and athleticism that mere mortals can only dream about.

We tune in to watch LeBron James finish vicious dunks in transition, Kyrie Irving embarrass defenders with his ball handling wizardry, and Steph Curry … throw down a reverse alley-oop jam off the bounce? Granted, this was during warmups, before the actual game tipped off, but still. Come on, man.

One of the reasons so many of us admire Curry is because we could pretend that he was one of us. He was short and skinny and just vaguely normal human size all around, unlike the giants he’s surrounded by out there on the court. So this was just another disheartening reminder that NBA stars are not, in fact, just like us, because even the guys perceived as “not as athletic” possess physical gifts that are barely in the realm of our comprehension.

Just look at the ease with which Curry throws down what is a difficult dunk for just about anybody to execute well. But the two-time MVP tried to play it off with some modesty and even claimed that he’d used up all his hops in warm-ups.

So far, he’s been content to let Giannis do all the dunking in the first half, a decision that’s worked out well for everyone involved … well, unless you’re on Team LeBron.