Steph Curry Breaks His Own Record For Most Threes In A Season

Last year, Stephen Curry hit 272 three-pointers, breaking Ray Allen’s record for most threes in a single season. Curry broke that record tonight, as his fifth three-pointer of the game gave him 273 on the year. Oh, and just for good measure, he hit another three a few possessions later.

Before Curry broke his own record, the top-five list looked like this:

While breaking his own record is impressive, what’s perhaps more impressive is that he did so while shooting a better clip (43%) than Ray Allen did in 2005-06 (41%) and Dennis Scott did in 1995-96 (42%).

It’s only right that Curry caps off his historic season, one that will probably result in him receiving his first MVP award, by breaking a record most emblematic of his greatest skill. While he’s a magnificent dribbler and passer, he’s that much better of a pure shooter. In this season especially, it seems as if there’s no shot he can’t hit – no matter the distance, no matter the degree of difficulty.