Relive The Mesmerizing Top 10 Plays Of Stephen Curry’s Crowning Playoff Run

Steph Curry averaged 28.3 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 6.4 assists per game in the playoffs. He shot 45.6 percent overall and an incredible 42.2 from beyond the arc on 11.0 tries per game, good for a true shooting percentage of 60.7. Having proven the case since 2014-2015 tipped off in late October, though, numbers didn’t do the MVP’s impact justice during the Golden State Warriors’ crowning postseason run.

To fully grasp the effect Curry has on defenses, it’s crucial to understand the mesmerizing offensive feats of which he’s capable. Like gliding under the league’s leading shot-blocker for a lefty and-1 finish that bounced off the top of the backboard; creasing the paint and throwing a no-look overhead pass to a teammate for an uncontested finished; and roasting defenders in isolation for a step-back three-point bomb even when they know it’s coming.

Was there any doubt Curry’s incredible game-tying, comeback-competing triple over three New Orleans Pelicans defenders was dropping defender? He routinely makes the impossible seem otherwise, and leverages that unmatched ability to wreak havoc offensively as basketball’s best all-court playmaking threat.

Can Curry do it again in 2015-2016 by leading the Warriors to back-to-back titles? We’re not sure, but one thing definitely is: It will be fun as hell to watch him try.

[Via NBA]