Steph Curry Has Returned To Practice, But His Return Date Is Still Unknown

It’s been an odd NBA season without Stephen Curry on the floor. The Warriors star has missed all but four games due to a broken hand, which is part of the reason why Golden State has the worst record in the league. In response, the team hasn’t rushed his return, and they’re in the driver’s seat to get the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.

Still, the team has maintained that Curry will hopefully return to the floor sometime in early March. That means this is right around the time he should be taking the necessary steps to return to game action, such as returning to practice. According to Steve Kerr, Curry is indeed in San Francisco with the team and practicing, but right now, everything is low contact.

As for an exact return date, that is still up in the air. Via ESPN:

Kerr noted that the team still doesn’t have an official timetable on when Curry will return, but the hope within the organization has always been that the former MVP would be back at some point in early March. Kerr said that Curry — who has been around the team much more over the past month or so after spending some of the early rehab process in Los Angeles — will not take contact in practice this week.

“I don’t know when he’s going to be allowed to scrimmage,” Kerr said. “It’s not this week or anything, but he looks really good. He’s gaining strength, gaining confidence, and he’s been putting himself through some brutal workouts. So his conditioning is about as good as it can possibly be for somebody who hasn’t been able to scrimmage because of what he does and how he goes about his work.”

This all sounds like good news for Curry making his presumed March return, and per a report, the team has moved up his check-in day from March 1 to February 28.

There is still a ton of value in getting Curry back on the floor, namely that it gives him some time to mesh with trade deadline acquisition Andrew Wiggins. It would also give the team and its fans a bit of a boost and, as long as he stays healthy, give them a bit of a high note to end this season on.

Of course, this is all speculation. We won’t know for certain how the Warriors will approach a Curry return until he’s listed as back in the lineup. If everything stays on schedule, though, that might be sometime soon.