Steph Curry Says He’ll Take No Mercy On His Younger Brother Seth This Season

Steph Curry is certainly very proud of his brother, Seth, for finally making his NBA dream come true. The reigning MVP has frequently cited backyard battles with his younger sibling as means for improvement, and publicly congratulated the former D-Leaguer on his signing with the Sacramento Kings earlier this summer, too.

As made clear throughout his rise to superstardom, Curry really is a family man. But that hardly means he’ll be taking it easy on little bro when the Golden State Warriors face-off with their Northern California rivals in the 2015-2016 season. In fact, Curry told The Dan Patrick Show he can’t wait to go off against Seth – and that his parents won’t feel bad for their youngest son when it happens, either.

Dan Patrick: Would you have any problem lighting [Seth] up for 50?

Stephen Curry: Not at all. There’s already a group text message going on in our family for the first time what we play each other… I’m already talking trash in the text messages. I think we’re going to win by double-digits…

DP: Would your mom or your dad be the one to say “ease up on your brother”?

SC: Neither one of them. They would love to see us going at it.

DP: If you embarrassed your brother, like broke ankles and put up 50, no worries for mom and dad?

SC: Oh, they’d have the time of their lives. If I came down on defense and he popped one in my face from three or whatever, they’d just be having the time of their lives watching their two boys go at it.

The Warriors and Kings will play four games next season, the first of which comes in Sacramento on Nov. 7.

It’s still unclear whether or not Seth will be a major part of George Karl’s after signing his first long-term NBA contract. The Kings could certainly use his shooting prowess given their collective lack of long-range acumen, but are pretty stacked at both backcourt positions. Rajon Rondo and Darren Collison are set to play a vast majority of point guard minutes and even share the floor together on occasion, while Ben McLemore and Marco Belinelli will spend the most time running alongside they and Rudy Gay.

The younger Curry’s problem this season is likely to be the one that’s plagued him forever: He’s not athletic enough to defend point guards, and not big enough to defend wings. Could that lead to him checking older brother for a few fleeting possessions, however? Certainly.

And for the sake of the Steph and the entire Curry family, apparently, here’s hoping fireworks ensue when the siblings finally go at it on basketball’s biggest stage.

[Via Dan Patrick, via Stephen Curry]