Steph Curry’s Pre-Game Dribbling Routine Sped Up To 78 RPMs Is Truly Mesmerizing

This must be what it looks like to opponents who have to guard Steph Curry up close and personal. He has arguably the best handle in the league, and we’ve marveled at his otherworldly pre-game dribbling drills in the past, but this vine of said routine sped up to 78 rpms is a delightfully-mesmerizing spectacle.

This also isn’t the first time an editor has transformed Curry’s legendary ball-handling warm-up into something even more strangely entertaining than the original. This animated version holds its own special brand of sorcery as well.

Curry and the Golden State Warriors are set to tip off against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers at 8 p.m. ET on ABC at Oracle Arena. The NBA Finals are tied at 2-2 going into Sunday’s pivotal Game 5.

(Vine via NBA; video via Cash Sirois)