Stephen A. Smith Got Roasted In ‘Shaqtin’ A Fool’ And Played ‘Who He Play For?’ During His ‘Inside The NBA’ Cameo

One of the coolest things about the In-Season Tournament semifinals came by way of the broadcasts. Both ESPN and TNT had television rights to one of the games, and instead of getting territorial, there was a ton of crossover between the two networks, whether that came in pre and postgame analysis or the broadcasts themselves, where analysts from both networks teamed up and called the game.

The best part, unsurprisingly, came at the very end of the night, when Stephen A. Smith and Michael Wilbon joined Inside the NBA. Wilbon, bless him, was largely left unscathed, because the Inside guys decided to use the crossover event to cook Smith mercilessly. Things started cordially enough, as everyone on set expressed their long-standing admiration for one another. And then, it was time for “Shaqtin’ a Fool,” which took a few playful jabs at Smith before the haymaker: His terrible first pitch at Yankee Stadium from earlier this year made it into the segment.

If this did not humble Smith, what happened next certainly did. It came time to do their final segment of the night, which was asking Smith to play “Who He Play For?” The funniest part did not involve Smith — that would go to Charles Barkley guessing that Garrett Temple plays for the New Jersey Nets, which no longer exist — but you can tell that he hated every second of this.

At the end of “Shaqtin’ a Fool,” Smith made it a point to promise that he will exact revenge.

“All I’m gonna do is remind y’all this: I got a two hour weekday show, five days a week,” Smith said. “I’m gonna get y’all. I’m gonna get y’all for this. I don’t know how yet, but I’ma get y’all.”