Stephen Colbert On Dennis Rodman’s Friendship With Kim Jong-Un: ‘You. Must. Be. High.’

Dennis Rodman was a guest on The Late Show on Wednesday and made an instant impact when he walked onto the stage. Dressed in a shirt advertising PotCoin.com, an “ultra-secure” cryptocurrency that aims to “banking solution for the $100 billion global legal marijuana industry,” Rodman attempted to send a message of unity between Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un — with himself in the middle, of course.

It’s a strange-but-honest interview about Rodman’s relationship with the DPRK leader and his recent visit in the midst of the current nuclear tensions with the United States. Stephen Colbert seems a bit perplexed by the NBA legend at times and seems to genuinely want to understand why Rodman feels he has this connection with Kim Jong-un. According to Rodman, he sees the dictator as a kid and feels he treats him like a friend:

“When I went over there, the first thing he said to me was, ‘Mr. Rodman, we just want to know, can we trust you?’ I said, ‘Absolutely.’ And that’s how our conversation started.”

Colbert touches on a few of the criticisms of the DPRK leader, asking if Rodman ever broaches like the country’s human rights record, their nuclear program, or other political issues. He claims he doesn’t, going only to form a human connection and bring an understanding between each side:

“I don’t really judge people, you know, by their color. I don’t judge where they come from. I just judge people where- you know, we’re all human beings. You know, throughout the day, we’re all human beings. It’s funny though that I don’t see how people can sit there and say that this person is a ‘madman.’ He probably is, but I didn’t see that. But he probably is.”

He did admit that Kim told him that he is not interested in war. It isn’t his goal despite the fiery language being used and the country’s constant missile tests. Rodman also corrects Colbert’s claim that Kim Jong-un fed his uncle to a dog, something that was proven to be the result of satire according to The Guardian. The same can’t be said about the claims the nation executed government officials with an anti-aircraft gun or the general treatment of the populace in the nation.

To close things out, Rodman gives Colbert his own version if the PotCoin t-shirt with the host added to the mix. It causes Colbert once again tell Rodman, “You. Must. Be. High.”

(Via The Late Show)