Stephen Curry Doesn’t Even Need To See His Shots Go In

Associate Editor
03.13.16 3 Comments

If you are a player/coach/fan of a basketball team that needs to play the Golden State Warriors, there is a sense of helplessness that engulfs you whenever Stephen Curry shoots a three. Sure, Curry technically isn’t a perfect shooter in that he doesn’t hit 100 percent of the threes that he attempts, but at this point you just assume that every time he hoists up a three it’s going to go in.

That feeling of helplessness for everyone else manifests itself in Curry as confidence. The latest example came during Saturday night’s game between Golden State and Phoenix. The scene: the Warriors were down by five with just over 11 minutes remaining. Marreese Speights pulled down a rebound, pushed the ball up the court, and dished it to Curry.

As he is wont to do, Curry jacked up a transition three and made it. But what made this so special was that he didn’t even look at the ball as it went in, he just turned around and started running to the other end of the court. Because it’s Stephen Curry, the shot hit nothing but net and the crowd at Oracle Arena exploded.

Golden State went on to win, 123-116. Curry had 35 points on 12-for-24 shooting and a 7-for-16 clip from behind the arc.

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