Steph Curry Was Throwing No-Look Dimes During Sunday’s Post-Game Interview

steph curry
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The Boston Celtics may have ended Golden State’s chance at an undefeated home record, but it didn’t take long for Steph Curry and Co. to remind everyone that they’re still the Warriors, ready to come out and play-ey-ay. Really, their 136-111 win over the Trail Blazers on Sunday was secondary to the dime passes Curry was dropping during and after the game.

That’s right. During and after. Check out Curry’s no-look towel pass to Draymond Green in a post-game interview that actually knocks a towel out of Green’s hands.

I would say Curry couldn’t do that again in 1,000 tries if he wanted to, but it’s Curry we’re talking about here. He’d probably hit 60 percent, actually.

In hindsight, that might have been a heat check moment. Curry was tossing dimes to Green and Harrison Barnes during the game with pinpoint accuracy:



The Warriors are still in pursuit of the Bulls’ 72-10 regular season record. They’re 69-8 right now. As such, head coach Steve Kerr has to make decisions on whether he’s going to rest his starters in preparation for what in all likelihood will be a long playoff run, or chase the record. That kind of awareness can trickle down and cause a certain tension that isn’t conducive to big-picture goals like a chip.

But it looks like the Warriors are still loose and having fun out there.