See Every Single Ridiculous Three Steph Curry Made During The Warriors’ Win Streak

12.15.15 4 years ago

If you want to be impressed by the stats of the Golden State Warriors’ incredible 24-game winning streak to start this season, you don’t have to go very far. Even though they were completely gassed in their first loss to Milwaukee, they’ve still been on a run of dominance unlike any we’ve ever seen. But here’s one stat that might be our favorite: Steph Curry made 125 three-pointers in those 24 games. Does that sound like a lot to you? Because it’s a lot.

Over the 80 games Curry played last season, he made 286 three-pointers, an NBA single-season record. That’s an average of 3.6 makes per game, which is of course excellent. Through those first 24 games, he averaged 5.2 threes made per game, which is completely bananas. Every single one of those 125 threes has been compiled above for your viewing pleasure, and if you get one overarching takeaway from over nine minutes of swishing goodness, it’s probably this — Steph can drain a three from anywhere, in any way. The rules of being in rhythm or with good body positioning don’t apply. He could probably spin in place and chuck the ball mid-rotation and have it swish from 30 feet.

One of the subtle things that you could pick up on watching all these attempts is just how good Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut are at screening. There are times when both of them straight-up hug Curry’s defender to get Steph an open look. Illegal? Sure, but if the refs don’t call it, it’s basically fair game. Bombs away, Steph.

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