Steph Curry Hit A Full-Court Putt Because Apparently He’s Amazing At Everything

As if you needed any further proof that Stephen Curry is a real-life sorcerer, we show you video of him hitting a full-court putt. That’s right — when facing off against LPGA golfer Lydia Ko on Wednesday, Curry hit a target by putting a golf ball from across the entire court.

Here’s a second view, because you really do need to see this again:

Curry is scoring at an insane level in basketball. He’s hit 300 three-pointers already and could very well make it to 400 before the season ends if he keeps it up. Not to be hyperbolic, but Curry’s season is history in the making. As it turns out, though, his accuracy isn’t limited to the court and shoot hoops. Curry could probably be a bona fide star on the golf course if he wanted to. He’s good enough on the links to play semi-frequent rounds with President Obama, after all.

At the very least, it’s safe to assume Curry could make a killing as a personal coach. Off the top of my head, there’s at least one golfer out there who needs to improve his short game.