Watch Steph Curry Go Unrecognized Despite ESPN Serving Chicken *Curry*

ESPN’s excellent “This is Sportscenter” ads combine cubicles and sports stars to show just how fun it is at their headquarters in Bristol. When Stephen Curry stopped by for lunch at their cafeteria in November following another big game, they were of course serving chicken *curry* on the menu. According to Steph, after he dropped 54 on the Knicks, they went with curry stew. But the cooks have no idea who the Warriors-clad star might be — they just know he really enjoys the chicken.

Watch as the Dubs rain-maker thanks the ESPN cafeteria cooks for showing him some love with another delicious Curry dish after his big game:

No, not that kind of a dish, but an actual entree.

Too bad the confused cooks have no idea who just thanked them.

This isn’t the first time Steph has gone unrecognized. He got ID’d at the California Pizza Kitchen near his house earlier in the season. That wasn’t even the first time it’s happened. It’s a pattern for the baby-faced sharpshooter, but we’re guessing after he lights up a LeBron-less Cavs team on Friday night, in the same week his first signature shoe dropped, he’ll be getting recognized a lot more.

Barring that, at least he enjoys those tasty dishes that are his namesake.

What’s your favorite Curry dish?

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