Steph Curry Will Mesmerize You With His Dribbling Drill

By now, Steph Curry‘s handles are legendary. We often talk about some players using the ball as if it were an extension of their body, but for Curry, it almost seems like the ball is a dog that can’t bear to leave its master’s side. It zigs and zags right along with Curry, no matter how many defenders or obstacles are in its path. Curry doesn’t have to make the ball do his bidding because the ball lives to make Curry happy. As it so happens, what makes Curry the happiest is when he’s navigating around defenders on his way to the rim, or swerving out of traffic to pull up and sink a jumper.

We rarely get to see how legends are created, especially in sports. We see how a player develops from one season to the next, but we don’t actually witness the work that goes into that development. Curry is a bit of an exception. He’s shown off some of his dribbling drills before, usually during pre-game warm-ups (which looks even sweeter sped up), but this video of Curry delves even deeper, providing a unique glimpse into the process that grants him such extreme control over the ball.

It’s hard, certainly, but really it’s just a guy dribbling a basketball with one hand while tossing a tennis ball with the other (while wearing goggles, no less). It’s not sexy, it’s not even all that interesting, but it’s the stuff from which legends are made.

(Via CSN)

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