Steph Curry Mocks Lucas Nogueira After Shaun Livingston Roasts Him With A Ball Fake

Pay close attention to Lucas Nogueira here. The Toronto Raptors big man seemingly has Shaun Livingston well defended, right? Wrong. All it takes is a simple ball fake from the Golden State Warriors playmaker to make Noguiera spin and free himself for an easy layup.

Pretty crafty. Stephen Curry apparently thought so, too.

After watching his teammate nearly fake the Raptors youngster out of Air Canada Centre, the reigning MVP had a bit of “fun” at Nogueira’s expense. This won’t exactly temper the increasingly loud talk of those who deem the Warriors arrogant.

Not that the Raptors cared too much either way, of course. They were far more concerned with beating the undefeated defending champions. Despite the best efforts of Kyle Lowry to match a scorching hot Curry, though, Toronto came up just short of a victory over Golden State with a 112-109 loss.