Does Steph Curry Think He Should Win Most Improved Player? ‘Why Not?’

02.03.16 3 years ago
Stephen Curry


There’s a good chance Stephen Curry repeats as MVP this season. Forget being the best player on the best team, he’s the best player in the NBA. Teams design their entire defensive strategies around Curry, even though they know it’s nearly impossible to stop him. MVP aside, there’s also been talk of Curry possibly winning another award, however unlikely it may sound: Most Improved Player.

Steph’s numbers are up nearly across the board from last year. He’s scoring almost six points more per game; he has an absurd 67.6 true shooting percentage and a historic 31.9 player efficiency rating. He’s even more dangerous than last year, which is really saying something because he took home the MVP. As absurd as it may seem for a reigning MVP to win Most Improved Player, Steph doesn’t really see a problem with it, as he tells Zach Lowe of ESPN:

Should you be in consideration for the Most Improved Player award, or have you graduated out of that discussion?

That’s in the hands of who votes, and what they value.


No, really. It’s about what they value. I have tried to elevate my game. I said all summer that I wanted to be better than I was last year. I feel like I am. So, it might be unprecedented for me to be in that conversation, but that was a goal of mine — to improve. I didn’t know what that would mean statistically. So I guess, why not?

Steph has a strong case for the MIP, but it would seem a little…unfair, wouldn’t it? Other candidates, like Kemba Walker and Kent Bazemore, will probably never win an MVP in their career, and stand only a slightly better chance of winning a title. Let them have their shot at relative glory while Steph likely garners another MVP and possibly another title.


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