Why Steph Curry Says He Isn’t Trying ‘To Take LeBron’s Throne’

It was media day in Oakland on Wednesday prior to Game 1 of the NBA Finals, so players on both sides were subjected to the usual round of inquiry from the exclusive collection of media personnel fortunate enough to be in attendance (i.e., not me). It was inevitable that reporters would try to bait some of them with questions designed to elicit potentially controversial responses, which is exactly what happened during Steph Curry‘s session.

Here’s what the two-time MVP had to say when asked whether he believes he’s surpassed LeBron James as the face of the league, via NBA.com:

“It’s really annoying for me to be — that’s not what I’m playing for, to be the face of the NBA or to be this or that or to take LeBron’s throne or whatever. You know, I’m trying to chase rings, and that’s all I’m about. So that’s where the conversation stops for me.”

To be fair, it’s kind of a legitimate question. Curry just won his second straight MVP, has already beaten LeBron once in the NBA Finals, has become a worldwide phenomenon, and is already being hailed as the greatest shooter of all-time. On the other hand, it’s absurd to think he’d take the bait and cop to such a wildly-arrogant proclamation. On the basketball court, Curry’s hubris knows no bounds, but he’s always been much humbler and more deferential to his teammates before and after the game.