Steph Curry Was Talking Junk To The Kings Before This Corner Three Even Swished

Steph Curry unloaded on the Kings Saturday night in Sacramento. The last week or so has seen Klay Thompson and Draymond Green spearhead the Dubs attack, with Steph acting as a decoy of sorts for open passing and driving lanes. But Curry was back to throwing darts in Golden State’s 128-116 win.

He dropped 38 on the Kings on 11-of-21 shooting and a ho-hum 8-of-14 from deep. He also added 11 dimes. None of his downtown daggers were as unfair as this corner three right in front of the Kings bench, though.

Yeah, that was Steph turning and talking to the Kings with the ball just falling past its apogee in the air. The passing is wonderful, of course, but we like the confident turn to the opposing bench even more.

Steph also found time to drain one of his eight on the game in his brother’s eye:


That’ll be fun for Steph to reminiscence about around the family dinner table. It was also the favorite of Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut.

“The dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, fumble, fumble one,” Bogut said when asked for his favorite Steph shot of the night. “Once he gathered it and found his feet on the three-point line, you just knew ‘This is going to go in.'”

“It looked like he didn’t have the ball,” Dray said after the game. “I thought he didn’t have it, either. Then he just picked it up and shot it. Pretty incredible.”

Curry was also pretty ticked off after he thought Rajon Rondo had fouled him on a shot in the fourth.


But the ball still ripped twine, and the Warriors cruised to win No. 35 in 37 games. It was their sixth straight, and the idea of eight more losses this season — tying them with the ’96 Bulls mark — seems insane now. That’s how good they are today; anything less than the greatest season in NBA history feels like a disappointment.

Oh yeah, and their coach isn’t even back yet.

(San Francisco Chronicle)

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