Stephen Curry Tripped Over A Waiter On The Sideline Just Before Halftime And Everyone Had ‘Curb’ Jokes

The first half of Game 3 between the Warriors and Mavs in Dallas was hotly contested, with both teams making big runs only to end up with a 48-47 Golden State lead at the break.

The Warriors ran out to an early advantage, only for the Mavs to go on a late first, early second quarter run to take a lead of their own, with Golden State then clawing their way back in front by a point, thanks in large part to the efforts of Stephen Curry. The future Hall of Famer had 16 points to lead all scorers at the break, including one of his patented turnaround threes from the corner, but it was on a defensive closeout in the final seconds that disaster almost struck.

After running out to contest Reggie Bullock’s last-second three that rimmed out, Curry ended up on the sideline and tripped over a waiter crouched down taking a courtside fan’s order.

Luckily, Steph seemed fine, rubbing at his knee where he hit the floor a bit but otherwise not looking the worse for wear, and once it became clear everyone was alright, folks immediately had flashbacks to the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where Larry David tripped Shaq and blew out his knee at a Lakers game.

Luckily this wasn’t a repeat, but we should maybe reconsider having people taking orders from on the sidelines and look to do that from behind in the future.