Stephen Jackson & Kevin Durant’s New Rap Song “Lonely At The Top”

In the pantheon of NBA players turned hip-hop hobbyists, San Antonio forward Stephen Jackson is at or near the top. It’s faint praise, but there’s some genuine praise all the same for his new single featuring Oklahoma City MVP candidate Kevin Durant a track that won’t make you feel as though you’ve just wasted 3:20.

Stak5 still won’t win over coach Gregg Popovich — who once said he turned off his Jackson’s record barely into it once he listened to the words — with “Lonely At The Top,” unless that is he promises Pop that Durant’s verse includes coded references to Scott Brooks‘ system. For everyone else it’s a cut that’s better than you might think because Jackson is better than you might think. After being teased by Jackson’s Instagram account for months about his album, “Jack of All Trades” (which makes the awesomely acronym “J.O.A.T”) it’s a solid rack. Durant gets a pass for his verse, not that he’s awful in the way other NBA musicians have been. He’s not fretting over 100 Gs, so why should we?

You can pick it up on iTunes for just $0.99. You know you want to.


What do you think of KD’s rapping style?

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