Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Has Converted The Lakers’ Locker Room Into His Owner’s Lounge

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer has a lot of life left to live before a massive coronary inevitably releases him from this mortal coil, and he’s going to spend at least some of that time kicking his feet up in the Los Angeles Lakers’ locker room, which he’s apparently converted into his owner’s lounge for the opening round of the 2015 NBA Playoffs. After all, it’s not as if the Lakers need it this time of year, amirite?

The Clippers knew what they were getting when they traded one eccentric billionaire for another, but you’ll be loathe to find anyone within the organization with anything but praise for the former Microsoft chair.  Especially the players who, though clearly amused by him like everybody else, certainly appreciate his unmitigated support.

Even if his unbridled enthusiasm often borders on Pentecostal glossolalia at times, it’s a major upgrade from the drooling, bigoted, whiny catatonia of former owner Donald Sterling. And isn’t that the most amazing part of this whole transition, that Sterling was so god-forsakenly awful he can make Ballmer and all his antics seem like sweet relief?

The Clippers, somewhat surprisingly, beat the Spurs handily in Game 1 of their first-round series on Sunday, 107-92. They’ll be back in Staples Center for Game 2 Wednesday, only the Spurs’ owners will be relegated to the Kings’ locker room, according to ESPN’s Arash Markazi.

(Via Arash Markazi)