Steve Blake Makes For The Perfect Khakis Salesman In This Funny Or Die Spoof

In an effort to spice up the usual drag that is NBA Media Day, the Detroit Pistons recently stopped by Funny or Die for a game of “The Backboard” with comedian Lamorne Morris (a.k.a. Winston Bishop from New Girl).

Highlights include Spencer Dinwiddie guessing whether phrases were Drake lyrics or something tweeted by Morris’ little brother to impress girls (harder than you think), Kentavious Caldwell-Pope showing that he is perhaps the worst drawer in the entire NBA (yes even worse than the Bucks), and Turkish-born Ersan Ilyasova discovering the wonder that is the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.

By far the best part of the video, however, is newest Pistons’ point guard Steve Blake, who was asked by Morris to improvise a commercial for tearaway khakis and completely nailed it.

It doesn’t hurt that Blake looks like the kind of guy who probably sports a pair or two on his off days, and his completely listless expression in his team photo really helps drive home the blandness of khaki pants. As a noted khaki wearer myself, the tearaway variety really combines the ideal amount of laziness I’m looking for, so sign me up.

Between Blake and Jim Harbaugh, the state of Michigan is quickly becoming the khaki headquarters of the world.

(Via Funny or Die)