Steve Kerr Diagramed The First Plays Of The Warriors Dynasty Using A Charcuterie Board

10.11.17 8 months ago

Getty Image

Steve Kerr‘s first plays as Warriors head coach featured Stephen Curry as an almond. The future coach of the year made dried cranberries defend him.

Baxter Holmes wrote a fascinating story for ESPN that explored the origins of Steve Kerr’s offensive scheme for the Golden State Warriors, and it turns out a confident Warriors fan working in a kitchen and a charcuterie board were all big factors in the scheme’s debut.

Kerr was sitting in the Oakland airport back in 2014 at a bar called Vino Volo when a young Warriors fan named Kevin Ninkovich was bartending. Kerr and another man ordered two glasses of wine and a charcuterie board, and when Ninkovich brought it out to them he asked what the new Warriors coach would do to the team’s offense. Because he had some thoughts.

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