Steve Kerr Used A Bizarre Election Analogy To Pick His MVP Favorite This Season

10.23.16 2 years ago

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Stephen Curry is the NBA’s reigning two-time MVP winner, the most recent of which he won by unanimous vote last season. But with Kevin Durant now on the Warriors, it likely won’t be a three-peat. Head coach Steve Kerr understands that reality, and when he was asked about who believes is the favorite to win the award going into the season, he used a somewhat curious allusion to the current U.S. presidential race to explain his reasoning.

Durant probably won’t love being likened to Gary “What is Aleppo?” Johnson, but otherwise, it’s a fairly apt comparison in terms of how he’s inevitably going to siphon off a few votes from Curry and LeBron. Also, sticking with Kerr’s analogy, we’re not so sure that nobody on the Warriors’ squad fits the Trump comparison, just in terms of general abrasiveness and a penchant for letting his mouth run amok, but that’s neither here nor there.

Lillard is a solid sleeper pick for MVP, but there will surely be other names in the mix, such as Paul George and Russell Westbrook, just to name a few, who both were in the top six of the annual general managers’ survey leading up to the season.

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