Steve Kerr Went Absolutely Nuts On A Ref And Explained Himself After The Warriors Loss

The Warriors’ five-game winning streak came to an end on Saturday night as they lost 109-106 on the road in Sacramento to the Kings.

Coach Steve Kerr watched the final 15 minutes of the game from the locker room after he was ejected for going ballistic on the referees following a call that took a Kevon Looney put-back dunk off the board and then saw Kevin Durant get hit with a technical for complaining.

Kerr completely lost it, storming onto the court and hurling obscenities at the refs, causing assistant Mike Brown to restrain him before he turned and headed to the locker room. After the game, Kerr explained that it was an accumulation of anger that led to his blow up on the court, but that he got what he deserved in the ejection and that the team got what they deserved with the loss.

This is another example of Kerr being able to offer a level-headed, thoughtful response to a situation, even one that involved him being clearly upset by things the refs were doing. As for how his team felt about the technical, Draymond Green was a big fan of the Kerr explosion at mid-court.

Kerr might be known as one of the nicest coaches off the court and he’s as media friendly as they get, but since taking over the Warriors he’s shown a propensity for losing his temper on the sidelines and getting run. This effort from him on Saturday night is one of his best in terms of getting the most out of his ejection.