Steve Kerr Says Resting The Warriors Would Be Easier If they Had The No. 1 Seed Locked Up

Maybe the general public is ignoring the Spurs just a bit too much.

For all the talk about the 62-6 Warriors, who are on pace to surpass the 1995-96 Bulls’ all-time best 72-10 record, we end up forgetting about San Antonio, who is lingering right behind Golden State heading into Saturday night’s potentially historic matchup between the two squads who sit way at the tippy top of the Western Conference.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr, though, is fully aware of where the Spurs stand:

The Warriors played in Dallas on Friday, and though Stephen Curry & Co. ended up winning the game 130-112, the Mavericks kept it close until late. Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes each played either 34 or 36 minutes in that game.

Golden State won’t only be on a back-to-back against the Spurs. It’ll also be playing its third game in four nights—and this one will be a road matchup against the only other NBA group that is undefeated at home.

It’d be an intuitive situation to rest players. But Kerr isn’t having it. Maybe a Saturday night win, which would push the Spurs to 58-11, five back of Golden State with 13 games remaining for each team, would make him and the Dubs feel more comfortable. But loss to a team that’s 34-0 in its home arena, and you’re only three up with two head-to-head matchups remaining, both of which coming in the final four contests of the season.

That’s far from wrapped up. Kerr is right. The Warriors need to go all out Saturday night. And considering how much fun this game stands to be, we’re all going to be better off for it.