Steve Kerr Had A Hilarious Reaction To Learning He Won A Challenge He Thought He Would Lose

The Golden State Warriors have made clear that they’re taking the In-Season Tournament very seriously, and even though their group is rather competitive due to the Sacramento Kings and the Minnesota Timberwolves, they still have a chance at moving on to the knockout round. In order to do that, the team had to take care of business on Friday night against the San Antonio Spurs.

During the third quarter of action, Steve Kerr decided to cut through the tension of a pretty important game by providing a moment of comedic relief. Dario Saric got called for a foul, and Kerr decided to use his coach’s challenge in an effort to get it overturned. Apparently, Kerr didn’t like his chances all that much, because when he learned that his challenge was successful, he was nothing short of stunned.

Fortunately for all of us, Kerr was also mic’d up, and made clear while he was challenging the call that “I know I’m gonna lose.”

“How did we win?” a stunned Kerr said on the bench. “We never win!”

Kerr is capable of being pretty funny when he feels like it, and credit to him, this was a pretty funny moment that looked it came from a place of total surprise.