Sarcastic Steve Kerr: ‘I Would Vote For Russell Westbrook’ As MVP

Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry
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Steve Kerr is as affable as he is effective. And considering the first-year coach has guided the Golden State Warriors to the league’s best record, the 49 year-old must be pretty damn genial.

Playing on the “controversy” surrounding Kevin Love’s Monday media go-around on Friday night, a sarcastic Kerr claimed his MVP vote would go to Russell Westbrook – even though Steph Curry had just scored 38 points in the Warriors’ 107-84 road romp over the Memphis Grizzlies.

Courtesy of ESPN’s Michael Wallace:

Kerr was asked for his thoughts on the league’s hotly contested MVP race entering the final weeks of the regular season.

“For the record,” Kerr answered with a blank expression, “I would vote for Russell Westbrook.”


“Didn’t somebody else just say that?” Kerr said as he lobbed the wisecrack that shattered the silence with laughter. “I’m just kidding. Make sure the sarcasm is noted.”

The Oklahoma City Thunder superstar would be a worthy choice, of course. Considering Kerr’s relationship with Steph Curry, the point guard’s utter brilliance, and the coach’s recent remarks, though, it’s safe to say the Baby-Faced Assassin would get Kerr’s vote.

As for Coach of the Year? The longer the season goes on, the more enamored we become with Kerr’s ability as a strategist and motivator. Our hypothetical ballot would place him at the top with Mike Budenholzer nipping at his heels.

And that’s not sarcasm, either.