Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Did A Little Improv Comedy At ‘Second City’

At some point this season, Steve Kerr will come back and coach the Golden State Warriors. It’s just a matter of when he’s fully recovered from his offseason back surgery. Kerr is to the point in his recovery where he can travel with the team, sometimes even on a long road trip. Midway through the season, acting coach Luke Walton has done an outstanding job.

In the meantime, though, he’s been showing off his comedy chops. Per Diamond Leung of the Bay Area News Group, Kerr and the Warriors coaching staff visited the Second City comedy troupe while in Chicago this week to play the Bulls.

Kerr, who is traveling with the team while on his leave of absence, wasn’t just feeling good enough to go to an old haunt of his on the eve of the Warriors’ game against the Bulls. Kerr, who played five seasons in Chicago, was willing – with some prodding – to go on stage during the improv session at The Second City theatre where numerous comic legends got their start.

It doesn’t appear there’s any video from Kerr’s turn on the stage, but there are some photos, which you can see below:

It shouldn’t be too surprising that Kerr was willing to get involved. He was charismatic back in his broadcast days before taking over the Warriors. Who knows, once this whole coaching thing is over, maybe he can make a full-time transition to comedy. It would be ball jokes galore, that’s for sure.

(Via Bay Area News Group)