Steve Kerr Called Steph Curry’s Incredible Layup Against The Spurs ‘Jordan-Esque’

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is no stranger to incredible basketball plays, but even he had to dip pretty deep into his well of memories to find a comparison for Steph Curry’s latest dazzling shot. Late in the first quarter agains the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday night, Curry ran into contact inside and let fly a backward, twirling flip shot that somehow went in.

In response, Kerr said the shot reminded him of Michael Jordan, though Kerr made sure to acknowledge that not even Jordan could make a shot like that consistently.

“That play was sort of Jordan-esque,” Kerr said. “I saw him make that move many times.”

In addition to that absurd shot, Curry went 11-for-20 from the field on his way to 32 points in a 114-91 blowout Warriors victory over San Antonio.

Mileage may vary on how “Jordan-esque” Curry actually is, but the shot on Tuesday was yet another incredible display of his skill and scoring ability in a season that has been full of similar highlights. That Kerr would pump him up for making such an impressive play in a win is not a surprise, and it’s also a nice little flex on Kerr’s part to bring up all the time he spent alongside Jordan as a player.