Steve Kerr Knows Exactly What Steph Curry Was Thinking When He Prematurely Celebrated A 3-Pointer

03.06.15 3 years ago 2 Comments
Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr


Stephen Curry is the best shooter in the world. It’s to the point now where any other argument is foolish. The Golden State Warriors superstar is basketball’s shooting king now, and there’s a good chance he’ll own that distinction forever.

But that didn’t make the premature celebration of his third consecutive long-ball against the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday night any less entertaining.



When Curry gets hot, there’s nothing like it in sports. He knew that shot was dropping. The Bucks knew it was dropping. Oracle Arena knew it was dropping. And the thousands watching around the globe did, too.

The day after the game, Steve Kerr confirmed that Steph was thinking what the rest of were when he mean-mugged Khris Middleton and roused the crowd before his trey even reached its apex.

Sounds about right.

Of course, Curry doesn’t just celebrate his makes early. He’s been known to do the same when fellow Splash Brother Klay Thompson lines up a three-pointer.

We’re curious as to what Kerr believes Steph is thinking in those scenarios. Probably something like, “Yeah, that’s right. He’s the second greatest shooter on earth.”

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