Steve Kerr Cracked A Smile When The Refs Finally Gave Him A Technical

Steve Kerr wasn’t in the best of moods after a call he didn’t like against his Warriors on Saturday. The only thing that could make him smile? An obvious forthcoming technical foul.

Kerr lost his cool after Warriors forward Harrison Barnes got called for an illegal screen. Of course, the Warriors have come under fire lately for the abundance of illegal screens that help the best offense in the world run smoothly.

This isn’t anything new for Golden State. Heck, it isn’t anything new for a great offense. The best screen-setters, including ones on the Spurs (see: Duncan, Timothy), lay illegal picks. The art is avoiding getting caught. But when you’re 62-6 and on pace to break the 1995-96 Bulls’ all-time best 72-10 record, you’re going to get dissected. The illegal screens are just something that have come up in basketball conversations.

The fun part here, though, isn’t that Kerr got this hot. We rarely see him quite this angry. But it’s the fully Kerr-like smirk he gave after the official actually called a tech on him.

Very cool, Steve. Very suave.