Steve Kerr Believes Golden State’s Struggles Could End Up Being ‘Kind Of A Good Thing’

When the Golden State Warriors entered the 2019-20 season, even before getting bit by in a serious way by the injury bug, there was an expectation that this could be a regression year due to Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala’s departures and Klay Thompson’s knee ligament injury. Then, Steph Curry broke his hand, while Draymond Green and D’Angelo Russell have been in and out with knocks.

As a result, the Warriors are the worst team in the NBA. For many organizations, that could be a sign of concern, or maybe even panic. But one person who hasn’t shown any concern so far is Steve Kerr, as the Warriors coach actually sees this as a potential blessing in disguise.

Via Graham Hill of CNN:

“My sense is that this is, in a strange way, in an ironic way, it’s kind of a good thing for some of our key guys,” Kerr told CNN Sport’s Don Riddell.

“I made a comment after we lost to Toronto at the end of last year that we should just go on sabbatical for the year, go to Italy and sip wine,” said Kerr. “It did feel like our guys were just wiped out.

“I don’t know that anybody can really fathom what it takes physically and emotionally to go to the Finals five straight years. It’s exhausting. These guys put everything on the line for five straight years; just an incredible group, amazing competitive desire.”

All the extra basketball that comes from multiple Finals appearances eventually takes a toll, and for the Warriors, everything just happened to all come at once. Obviously the Warriors want everyone to be healthy and playing basketball to the level they’re all capable this season, but Kerr is doing what he can to make the best of this situation. And who knows? Perhaps he’ll be able to use this to find a number of productive players around Curry, Thompson, and co. as 2020 rolls around.