Steve Nash On Kobe Bryant’s Return: “The Sky’s The Limit”

Steve Nash knows a thing or two about keeping his body healthy. He suffered through back problems for much of his career, first tweaking it in Dallas. Over time, he developed training routines to keep himself off the injury list, and even started using a no-sugar diet in Phoenix. Nagging injuries nearly derailed his career for most of the past decade, and despite never tearing an Achilles’ tendon, if any of Kobe Bryant‘s Laker teammates feel 24’s pain, it’s the point guard.

That’s good news, in this instance. Nash still believes in the 34-year-old Bryant, still believes he can get back to the top. On Time Warner Cable SportsNet’s “Connected With … Steve Nash” program (making its debut Friday at 8 p.m.), the 39-year-old said, “If I were putting my money on it, I would say the sky’s the limit. As we know, he’s determined and focused as is out there. He’ll find a way to exceed everyone’s expectations.”

After undergoing surgery on April 13, doctors diagnosed Bryant with a rehab period of six to nine months. The 15-time NBA All-Star is detailing his recovery through his Instagram account, and appears to be ahead of schedule. But returning and returning to 100 percent are two different things for someone who’s played more than 1,200 NBA games. Just ask Derrick Rose.

For Bryant, “the sky” is a long climb. A former Finals MVP, a five-time champion, an 11-time All-NBA First Team member, Kobe’s battle won’t end the first time he steps back into Laker purple and gold. It won’t end until he drives the doubters to their knees, and becomes the Kobe of old rather than the old Kobe. Whether that happens can’t be predicted. But in this case, because it’s Steve Nash backing him, it means something.

via The L.A. Times

How good will Kobe be when we returns?

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