Steve Nash To Host Annual “Showdown in Chinatown”

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Steve Nash will host his fourth “Showdown in Chinatown” today, a charity soccer match that raises funds for Nash’s seven-year-old foundation. The money will benefit early education.

The match, which will be held at the Sara D. Roosevelt Park, will feature not just soccer players but NBA players such as Nash, Brandon Jennings and Marcin Gortat.

For Nash, helping children with his charity is something that he has always felt compelled to do.

“It’s always struck a chord with me,” Nash said in a press conference this morning while promoting the event.

Nash spoke about the event at the Trump Soho Hotel along with Jennings, Gortat and U.S. soccer player Claudio Reyna. Topics from Michael Jordan to Michael Jackson were covered, along with Jenning’s music taste (R&B and hip-hop) and Gortat’s admiration of Shaquille O’Neal.

Although much of the conversation centered on soccer and its growth in the United States, the potential lockout was also discussed.

The best advice on the lockout that Jennings got? “Save your money,” he said with a smile.

Most of the conversation, though, was dominated by Nash, the clear star of the event. He talked about his relationship with match sponsor Ortsbo, the company that translates languages online. He also discussed the possibility of one day joining the Raptors — he’s from Canada — but then continued to state his desire to continue working towards a title with the Suns.

And with the NBA Draft on Thursday, the most interesting tidbit Nash offered about draft day was his memory of his bad suit on draft night.

Other topics covered included Nash’s fascination with lighting the Olympic torch in Vancouver last year, Jenning’s experience playing in Italy before the NBA and Gortat’s childhood dream of being a goalie in soccer.

The players answered not only questions from the New York media, but also questions that were translated in a global chat by Ortsbo.

Nash and co. will kick off tonight’s game at 6 p.m. ET. The match is open to the public.

For more info, check out the event’s website.

How cool is Steve Nash?

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