Steven Adams Asks You To ‘Smash’ More Beef In A Hilarious Commercial


Steven Adams is a big dude. The Thunder big man is listed at 7’0 feet tall and weighing 250 pounds. Someone that big needs to eat a lot of food to maintain himself. That’s just how the human body works. Sow hat does Adams eat? Well, beef of course. What kind of beef? Who cares. It’s beef. Eat beef.

At least that’s the message from the Oklahoma Beef Council, who made a commercial featuring Adams to try and make people eat more beef. After all, the more beef they eat and buy the more likely they will become Steven Adams, is what the people will believe. Adams doesn’t say much in the commercial, but he uses his brief time to say how much he likes eating beef. He’ll “smash” that beef. Why? Because it tastes good. Preferably steaks by the sound of it. If you can understand his Kiwi accent.

That is the thickest New Zealand accent Adams has ever put on and it really adds to the charm of the commercial. Oklahoma could have picked anybody for this, but picking Adams was a stroke of genius. He has the perfect personality for this kind of commercial, and his gigantic size makes him the perfect spokesperson for beef.

The highlight of the spot is when he grabs a basketball that just says “beef” on it and nothing else. Beautiful. I think I’m going to get a steak now. I’ll make sure to smash that steak too. In honor of Adams.


Beef. It really says it all, doesn’t it?