Steven Adams Needs ‘To Go Lift Some Weights’ After Learning Boban Is On The Mavs Now

The Thunder and Mavericks will open their preseasons on Tuesday in a matchup of two teams that are intriguing for different reasons.

The Mavs will debut their hopeful star duo of Kristaps Porzingis and Luka Doncic, and lean on the youngsters to try and lead them in the crowded playoff hunt in the West. The Thunder, meanwhile, have an interesting roster as they have entered rebuild mode, but still have a number of quality veterans on the roster — for now.

Chris Paul and Danilo Gallinari are the newest additions and there’s plenty of speculation that Paul, at the least, will be moved before year’s end. Steven Adams is now the lone holdover from the Thunder’s core of the past, and he too has an uncertain future in Oklahoma City. For now, Adams isn’t too worried about that, he has much bigger fish to fry in the form of Boban Marjanovic, who the Mavs signed this summer in a move that Adams had missed. The Thunder center hilariously relayed to reporters his reaction when he saw Boban in the building on Tuesday, noting that he was not prepared for that and needed to “go lift some weights.”

Adams is always a delight when it comes to media availability, but this is a true gem even from him. He was ready to spend time on the perimeter with Kristaps and the Mavs shooters, but now has to deal with bodying up the league’s biggest and heaviest player, which, understandably, has him a bit weary for the long night ahead of him.