Steven Adams Says It Only Took Two Games For Draymond Green To Reach ‘Peak Annoyingness’

Steven Adams has emerged as a key cog for the Oklahoma City Thunder in these playoffs. Battling against Golden State’s Draymond Green night after night, it’s no wonder why the New Zealander said Golden State’s loud-mouth superstar has reached “peak annoyingness.”

For players seeing the same opponent for up to seven games, trash talking and getting into each other’s heads, it can be daunting to say the least. But for fans, this is the absolute apex of playoff basketball and we live for these moments.

Adams offered a little more insight on his exchanges with Green while chatting with reporters at Friday’s practice.

“I can’t really hear him or anything. I hear that he talks a lot. I see him, like on the bench. But in the game? Nah. It’s quite hard – I can’t really understand. If it’s the accent or something, I dunno.”

It’s hard to tell if Adams really can’t understand Green or if he is just deflecting, refusing to acknowledge any of his opponent’s efforts. After all, he is using Green’s American accent as an excuse but surely he understands his teammates.

With the series tied 1-1 in advance of Sunday’s Game 3 at Oklahoma City, Draymond might have more annoying tricks up his sleeve. Adams probably needs to find ways of his own to get under Green’s skin. The true test will be if he can step it up to the point where reporters start asking Green the same questions about how tough it is to guard Adams.

We’ll find out tomorrow.