Watch Steven Adams And Kyle Kuzma Encourage People To Drink Water During This Beer Commercial

12.21.18 6 months ago


Hydration is important. You should drink a lot of water and stretch every day. It’s just good self-care. But another way some people like to relax after a hard day is with a nice cold beer. And that’s OK, too! In moderation, of course.

But again, that hydration thing is important, and it is counteracted when you drink beer. Because of science and all that. Which is why Budweiser, who makes beer, built an entire commercial around NBA players dressing up as elves and encouraging people to drink water between their beers.

Budweiser asked three NBA players — Kyle Kuzma, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Steven Adams — to suit up as elves and encourage people in various places to reward them for drinking water with their beer by getting yelled at.

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