Steven Adams Was Upset About Getting Punched In The Face Becuse He Couldn’t Eat Waffles

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Everybody that’s watched the Thunder play before knows that Steven Adams is one of the toughest players in the NBA. His ability to take and dish out contact, while still being an effective player in a more finesse heavy NBA, is impressive. There just aren’t many big lumbering players anymore. Of course, Adams is anything but lumbering.

He’s surprisingly quick for his size and it will catch people off guard. What isn’t a surprise is that this man can take a punch with the best of them. Back in 2014, in a playoff series against the Grizzlies, Adams took a shot at Zach Randolph while running back in transition. Randolph, obviously displeased with Adams, threw a punch at Adams. Nobody really realized it happened at the time, because Adams reaction wasn’t typical of someone that just got punched.

So obviously the punch didn’t hurt, right? Nope. It hurt a lot. Adams just didn’t really care about it all that much until it started to have an impact on his daily life, as he told ESPN’s Royce Young.

Then-Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph punched Adams in the face and was suspended for Game 7, but no one knew about the hit because Adams never reacted to it. That is, until his jaw was so sore he couldn’t chew his waffles the next morning.

“Oh yeah, I was pissed,” Adams says with a laugh. “Because I love food.”

Now if there’s something you don’t get in the way of it’s a big man’s food. Waffles, the clearly superior breakfast item to pancakes, are delicious and anybody should be furious if they can’t get the opportunity to enjoy such a delicious treat.

What’s incredible about that Adams quote is that he’s not just talking like that to be funny. This just who Adams is. In the same ESPN article, he spoke his love for layups.

“Layups are good. Layups are f—ing awesome in my book, mate. Huge fan of layups.”

Steven Adams, a giant tough guy from New Zealand enjoys many things in life, but always remember that he loves layups and don’t get in the way of his waffles.