OKC Is Reportedly Trading Steven Adams To The Pelicans As Part Of The Jrue Holiday Deal

It’s been a busy first day of free agency around the association. All the usual finagling and machinations were on full display when the moratorium period opened on Friday, and just when you thought things were settling down for the evening, Sam Presti and the Thunder proved they still had a few tricks up their sleeve.

Jrue Holiday was one of the first chips to fall in trade season, as earlier this week, the Pelicans orchestrated a deal that would send him to Milwaukee in exchange for Eric Bledsoe, George Hill, and other assets, giving the Bucks that missing piece they believe they need to round out their roster for a true title run.

But they apparently weren’t finished with that particular deal. Late Friday night, news emerged that they were expanding the deal to include other players and other teams, namely Steven Adams, who will apparently be heading to New Orleans when the dust settles, according to Woj.

But the deal doesn’t end there.

For the sake of clarity, it’s a deal that also included multiple assets.

It’s an awful lot to keep track of, but the operative part here is that Steven Adams’ time with the Thunder appears to be over, as he was one of the last remaining players of a core group that once featured Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and himself, and were once one win away from toppling the Warriors and heading back to the Finals.