Suns’ Rookie Josh Jackson’s First Pitch Was Almost As Bad As 50 Cent’s

In the time honored tradition of ceremonial first pitches, rapper and businessman 50’s cent’s pitch at a New York Mets game in 2014 was without a doubt the worst display of throwing on a baseball diamond in the history of the sport. Phoenix Suns rookie swingman Josh Jackson’s first pitch at the Arizona Diamondbacks game on Friday, however, may actually rival 50 Cent’s attempt.

Showing that he may have never thrown a baseball before in his life, Jackson’s first pitch was just straight up garbage. The ball was wildly overthrown and sailed well over the catcher’s reach. Jackson’s pitch was so off-target that the poor catcher had to jog a ways back just to recover the ball.

Jackson’s 6-foot-9 wingspan, which is one of his greatest assets on the basketball court, seemed to work terribly against him on this pitch. Also, Jackson’s pitch was so bad, it is almost like he watched 50 Cent’s attempt just so he could perfectly imitate it.

The one redeeming factor in all of this for Jackson is that he was able to laugh at himself and instantly knew he had a horrible pitch. The ability to laugh at yourself is quite key in these types of situations because, after all, having a good sense of humor about a mistake is really the only way to live life to the fullest.

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