Team Up with Rajon Rondo and Red Bull to Give Wings to Boston!

Aside from the from helping to lead the Boston Celtics to their blistering 48-18 record, Rajon Rondo has also led the fight to do great things for city of Boston. We have been documenting his involvement in the great Red Bull Boston’s Got Wings movement that launched in the fall that sees $500 for every Rondo steal donated to the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation to refurbish courts in the metro area. Rajon is already up to 131 steals for the season – you do math and realize that Rondo’s performance will make an incredible impact on the lives of the basketball-playing population of Rajon’s adopted city. As winter breaks, refurbishments on four courts that have won funding from the Boston’s Got Wings program are about to take place over the next few weeks.

Rajon just recently passed another 30-steal milestone for the season, which puts the program into the fight round of voting for city courts to receive the funding. Here are the courts that remain:

Rogers Park (located in the South End), Peters Park (South End), Fallon Field (Roslindale), and Harambee Park (Dorcester).

Of these four, the court with the most public votes when Rajon cracks 150 steals will receive the next round of refurbishment donations. You can GO HERE to read about the courts and their neighborhoods, vote for your favorite and even make a personal donation to the program.

Check out the official sitewhen you have a chance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Celtics fans, this is a great program that will impact thousands of basketball players this season.