The 10 Biggest Wardrobe Fails in NBA Draft History

06.27.13 6 years ago
Every year on NBA Draft night, the players invited to the green room dress to impress for their Kodak moment. While none of these guys strive to embarrass themselves on their special night, there have been a handful over the years that have made embarrassing wardrobe decisions.

As we approach draft night, lets take a look back at the 10 biggest wardrobe fails in NBA Draft history.

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Steve’s tie is ridiculous. The rest of his outfit was fine but his tie alone solidified a spot for him in our top 10. There’s a lot going on there.

I remember going to the Shaw’s Pro Summer League in Boston when I was younger and I happened to catch Muresan stretching before the game. He wasn’t a star by any means, but as a nine-year-old, I was obviously in awe of his 7-7 frame. I decided to go up and ask for his autograph like most kids my age would do. Muresan told me to “forget about it” with his strong Romanian accent. While my personal vendetta against Muresan will always be because of his bad attitude towards the child version of myself, it made me feel a little better inside after I found him sporting this horrendous outfit on draft night.

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