Are These The 2 Dirtiest High School Basketball Players In The U.S.A.?

There’s nothing more frustrating than football players trying to play ridiculously physical basketball. High schools are littered with them; playgrounds are overflowing with them. For obvious reasons, when you have this scenario, injuries explode. This reminds me a little bit of the times in AAU when I used to take full-on swings in an attempt to spike people’s shots into the stands. Sometimes it worked. But on one particular instance, I was off, clotheslined the kid and then in retaliation, got tackled later on in the game.

So now here’s a video quickly becoming famous: Connell High School from Washington State has taken to jacking people up on the basketball court like a bunch of Ray Lewises. Deadspin has some more of the full story about the school’s AD attempting to label these kids as “teddy bears,” and their matchup with Highland High School. It’s amazing that not one flagrant foul or technical was called in this game.

Everyone in the Dime office can’t stop laughing because the two kids are clobbering people with no remorse and no emotion whatsoever. Straight destruction. This is stuff you don’t see every day.

via Deadspin

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