The Big Sleep: Top 10 Dunks Of Tracy McGrady’s Career

08.03.11 8 years ago 13 Comments
Do you ever find yourself bored at work, surfing YouTube and getting sucked into old highlights? The old Tracy McGrady tapes, the really old ones from back in Toronto and the first few years in Orlando can get you thinking. You see the elbow sweat band, the long gait, the knee straps, the rawness of his whole game from the way his jumpers would sometimes careen to the side or how many of his points came off wild, leaning shots in the lane.

We will never get rid of Tracy McGrady, mostly because lost potential, and lost greatness is the worst thing of all. The best of ‘Mac was fleeting and that’s why we cherish it.

Back in the day, T-Mac could jump. But he was different than the way Kobe dunked or the way Vince dunked. It was all longer, like a boa stretching farther and farther, or an octopus expanding and consuming. A top 10 Tracy McGrady dunk list was coming, and it’s been coming ever since one muggy afternoon in the summer of 1996 when McGrady put down the most mythical dunk in the history of this game. As far as I know, no video exists of the dunk that changed the careers of both McGrady and James Felton. If we did have video, it would be No. 1. Instead, here are the top 10 dunks of McGrady’s career.

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10. Over David Robinson
It was Jason Terry once who described this dunk as an MJ dunk, one where you get up in the air not knowing what you’re gonna do and then just coming up with something crazy. In mid-air, T-Mac wasn’t as creative as some of the game’s greatest swingmen, but this one was good enough. Twisting and turning, then throwing it reverse on a man who was still an upper-echelon defensive center gets you into the top 10.

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