The Come Up: Brandon Jennings Says It’s Time To Be An All-Star

Brandon Jennings says it’s back to basics this offseason and we’re glad he’s tending to his weak points. Brandon can be quite exciting to watch but aspects of his game leave much to be desired. He never looked comfortable after nursing his foot last year so here’s to him bouncing back. Jennings has a tendency to chuck anything at the iron in hopes of hitting the bottom of the net. It’s all good when he’s actually hitting shots but his itchy, misguided trigger finger stalls Milwaukee’s offense. A smarter shooter’s sense will go a long way for his mid-range game since he already has the quickness to skate by defenders. He has to go through the growing pains of gaining a J before he can gain a reputation as a key offensive player. But his laundry list shouldn’t stop there. Dude’s court vision and directing ability need attention too. Dime opportunities are rare in Milwaukee but he’s yet to fully embrace his role as a floor general. We’re not asking him to be John Stockton overnight but he could stand to get more assists, especially off of driving opportunities. We may be tough on his shortcomings but, by Scott Skiles‘ estimation, he’s got the focus to become more than a scorer. Do you think Jennings will listen or is he stuck in streak-shooting limbo? He’s planning to become an All-Star. But he could’ve hit a plateau early. At any rate, it’ll be interesting to see if he can rise in the ranks … We’re still having a hard time believing this Brian Shaw/Lakers story. If you missed it from us over the weekend, the Lakers showed Shaw no juice on his way out. Meanwhile, Mike “Show Me What You Got Big Fella” Brown, a solid defensive mind, doesn’t have a good track record in making adjustments in crunch time or quelling egos. L.A. could implode or explode. Brown must’ve had a heck of an interview to swiftly and unexpectedly grab the vacancy … With word spreading that Besiktas tried to reel in Kobe Bryant with a deal worth around $500K a month, Marc Stein tweeted that 24 was actually looking for $1 million a month before the club’s funds were frozen by an investigative probe. When we first heard that number, it shocked us. Then we remembered, hey Kobe made nearly $25 mill last season. This is pocket change for him … Bryant and Shaq once made up one of the most lethal combos to ever walk the NBA hardwood. As our commentator Arshdeep put it: Did anyone see the 2001 Lakers playoff run? If you put 2001 Kobe and Shaq together, they’d be able to handle any other duo. Yeah, they were nastier than a mid-’90s Nas/Mobb Deep collab during that playoff march. Try these numbers on for size: O’Neal- 30.4 ppg, 15.4 rpg, 3.2 apg. And Bryant- 29.4 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 6.1 apg. Those two can make a case, but are they the best one-two punch ever? You can make your case here, and the best answers will make our next issue … Imagine how good Tracy McGrady and Grant Hill could’ve been together? Now, they’re both looking for one last title shot. We all know how Hill will handle the spotlight of a contender, but could playing on a great team change T-Mac? If he was surrounded by guys used to winning, used to playing defense, used to going hard all the time, could McGrady have some type of late-career revelation? … Check out the illest kicks we’ve seen in a minute … And if you want a shot at an ultra-exclusive Dime x WEST x Red Bull King of the Rock t-shirt, tell us about the best player to ever come out of the Big Apple … Minnesota’s Anthony Tolliver recently became the co-owner of Active Faith Sports, which is a support program that was started by former University of Houston player Lanny Smith. The motto is “In Jesus Name I Play” and the brand provides a platform for Christian athletes as well as athletic apparel … And if you need a laugh at the office, check out this NBA Mashups blog. Hi-la-ri-us. Who knew Bob Marley and Michael Beasley would look so good together? Or that someone could somehow awkward-out a picture of MJ & Pippen? Next, we want to see a mashup of Brian Cardinal and Allen Iverson … We’re out like John Holland.

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