The Court Grip Difference Maker of the Week: Eric Bledsoe is Unleashed by the Clippers

Each week Court Grip will bring you a prime basketball highlight made possible by having an edge – in skills, performance and technology. This week is a compilation of the mayhem unleashed by Eric Bledsoe last night in Chris Paul‘s absence.

Here’s what we said about Bledsoe in Smack today:

Chris Paul sat this one out (as did Kobe and Dwight Howard), allowing regular reserve Eric Bledsoe to go nuts, barely missing a triple-double with 22 points, 11 assists and nine steals. We know, we know, it’s just preseason, but is it possible Steve Nash is a defensive downgrade from Derek Fisher? Bledsoe always plays like he was just released from solitary confinement and has a month’s worth of energy to burn, but to see him keep that frenetic pace up for 40-plus minutes last night was kind of amazing.

Check out Bledsoe’s work here:

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