The Knicks Have Reached Out To Frank Vogel, Who Probably Isn’t Running The Triangle

The phone calls are already coming in for former Pacers Coach Frank Vogel. Which is completely expected considering Vogel is the winningest coach in Pacers History. The more surprising part is that the New York Knicks have been calling. What’s interesting about that is Phil Jackson is insistent on using the Triangle and said he was only going to call people he knew well and could coach his system. Vogel has never coached the Triangle offence so it appears the Knicks might be thinking outside the box.

According to the New York Post, one of their sources said.

“Frank Vogel is a very, very good coach… Now to me — and I am speaking as an outsider — the problem is not about coaches or systems but continuity. They have a new cast of characters every year. How is anyone going to learn any system if the players are always changing?”


So far the Knicks have contacted Franks’s agent but no formal interview has been set up. It seems the Knicks are trying to get a feel for his overall interest in the organization.

Vogel’s agent, Lonnie Cooper, said, “We are taking the day to reflect. It’s a process.’’

Also Vogel was only let go days ago so it’s highly possible he is just taking a break before reassessing what he would like to do next but a call from the Knicks must be at least intriguing.

The New York Post also points out other parallels between Vogel and Phil Jackson. Like how Vogel hired Brian Shaw, Jackson’s former assistant as his assistant with the Pacers. Also Vogel worked with the Lakers back in 2006 as an advance scout so maybe that’s enough tie to Phil for the Knicks to be satisfied?

Also the Knicks are reportedly looking into Vogel who is a defensive coach to work with current Knicks interim coach Kurt Rambis as an offensive coordinator. That does sounds like a good idea considering the main reason Vogel was let go from the Pacers because Larry Bird wants to jack up the offence.

The Knicks have also contacted former Cavalier’s coach David Blatt and Golden State’s assistant Luke Walton, who will be the Lakers head coach next season. It seems the Knicks are eager and looking at a lot of options where Vogel seems more content to take his time for now. Maybe Vogel will take the Tom Thibodeau approach by waiting a year to find the right opportunity.

(New York Post)